Spectacular Smovey

Spectacular Smovey by Sunday World

If you're keen to give your workouts an edge without having to put in more effort, the Smovey could be just the tool you are looking for. According to test results, these ribbed plastic tubes will get you much better results than if you exercise without them. The key are the vibrations this tool offers, which stimulates the burning of fat and is also said to be great at warding off osteoporosis.The great thing about Smovey is that you can use them during pretty much any kind of exercise. Whether working out in your own home or in the great outdoors, it's easy to find a way to fit them into your routine. Even taking a walk can be spiced up with Smovey, as the vibrations mean you burn more calories than you would without. The non-slip, water-tight material also means you can use them during sports such as Aquafit. Therefore Smovey are also perfect for those getting back into exercise after suffering an injury. Water-based activities are often recommend, as they take pressure off the bones, muscles and joints. You can also use them as massage tools to relieve cramp and tension.Thanks to their versatile nature, Smovey can be used by people of all ages and abilities. The vibrating tubes are also great for helping with your balance, which makes them an ideal tool for children and young people to use during sport. Dance fanatics can also use Smovey in any kind of music-based class, such as Zumba or Salsa. The lightweight and easy nature of the accessory means it won't take long to get used to it. Doctors are also backing the trend, as studies have shown that Smovey can improve posture and take pressure off your spine. Those training with Smovey is generally less likely to suffer from muscle pain and is also effectively prepping their body for other activities such as tennis. Neurological diseases such as Parkinson's could also be alleviated with use of the tools. The vibrations are thought to calm shakiness experienced by sufferers.