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Gernot Faderbauer
Gernot was born (Apr. 23rd, 1969) and raised in Austria and grow up as an overweight kid. He had no talent in any sports, but because his father was a board member of a rowing club in Vienna, the coaches were willing to let him try. Gernot was only 12 years old but realized very quickly that he was way too heavy and he needed to lose weight to have a chance at all.
So he put himself on a extremely strict diet and lost 30 pounds within one month, which was more then 20% of his body weight. This achievement made him believed that nothing is impossible when he puts his mind into it. He trained extremely hard, skipped any occasions and leisure time and had only one goal in mind to become a World Champion in rowing.
10 years later he fulfilled his dream not just once but 3 times in a role in the LW 4x. Gernot also manged to become a World Record Holder in indoor rowing and finished his athletic carrier by competing at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.
This experience changes his life completely and he realized right after his rowing carrier that it was his time to give back to others. Gernot loves helping other people change their lives by becoming fit and healthy with a good balance of body, mind and spirit.
Gernot moved to Canada in 2002, started working as a Personal Trainer, became the founder of the Canadian Nordic Walking Association in 2006, was introduced to the Smovey Vibroswing-System by an Austrian Scientist in 2014, which totally blow his mind and he became the owner and Master Instructor/Therapist of Smovey CANADA. 
  • Dorn-Preuss THERAPIST (Gentle, energetic therapy of the spine and joints)
  • Certified Vitruvian Muscle Function Testing Specialist
  • Founder of the Canadian Nordic Walking Association
  • Nordic Pole Walking MASTER-INSTRUCTOR
  • Rowing MASTER-INSTRUCTOR, Personal Trainer & Life Coach
    Vivian Li
    Passionate in Health & Fitness. Transformed from a fat kid to a fit chick. Vivian became MASTER-INSTRUCTOR/THERAPIST of Smovey CANADA. Her goal is to build a fit, happy and healthy future for all mankind!
    • Nordic Pole Walking Instructor 
    • Baby and Mommy Fitness Instructor


        Johann “Salzhans” Salzwimmer

        The inventor of smovey and the Vibroswing-System is Johann “Salzhans” Salzwimmer. Full of energy and enjoying life, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the end of the 1990s. He accepted his diagnosis, but known throughout the Steyr/Ennstal region as an outstanding tennis player and skier, he began to rapidly develop a method to stabilize his condition. The result of this research was the Vibroswing-System and the movement and lifestyle bearing the name “smovey.”
        A healthy life following the example of Mother Nature: He has succeeded over the years to maximize his quality of life while minimizing his dependence on medicine.
        He also stays true to his mantra:
        “The power of fluid movement – and the strength of natural rest.”