Happy Customers

I have suffered from viral vertigo that affects my balance. Working with the Smovey over 2 years has allowed me to not only restore my balance but actually improve it. The Smovey Rings provide stretching, cardio and balance training in a very small easy to use, package.

Tim H.

I love my training with the Smovey Rings! They keep me young! I'm 51 years old and feel fantastic!!

Kat R.


I love my Smovey Rings! My family would never travel without our Smoveys any more as we use them all the time to get rid of muscle stiffnesses and all kind of joint pains. I used to have terrible back pains after 5 pregnancies but my workouts and Smovey treatments helped me amazingly to become completely pain free! I also love the sound they make and my kids want to play with them all the time!

Anna M.

I tried the Smovey high intensity training and couldn't believe what a workout I got out of that. Totally amazing and fun at the same time! I can highly recommend this product because it also helped me to fix my shoulder injury I had from heavy lifting.

Rich M.

We have been training with our Smovey Rings for about one year and totally love them! I'm 55 years old and my arthritis pain in my hands has improved amazingly completely drug free! I haven't changed anything else then swinging the Smovey Rings for a few minutes every day. My friend to my right finally managed to lose 15 pounds! We would pay thousands of dollars to get our Smoveys back if we would ever lose them!

Laarni and Angie

This product is relevant to my work with people who have Parkinson's. I designed an exercise program for PD and am always trying to change and improve it.

Carol Woodbury