Smovey Vibroswing-System

Smovey Vibroswing-System

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Designed by an Austrian tennis player to help with his Parkinsons symptoms, his tremors, he noticed a huge increase in his quality of life, and reduced his medication dramatically.

Smovey is a dynamic fitness product that is like no other. It provides a dynamic upperbody workout that gets you fit while helping to burn more calories and stabilise your back and spine.

Each smovey ring weighs 0.5 kg and includes four metal balls that run freely inside the hollow plastic tubes.

Smovey is a harmonically coordinated swinging ring system with free swing mass, which rhythmically and pro-actively accelerates and decelerates the mass of four ball bearings when swinging the arms.

The effects which this generates cause many sensory, motor and neuronal stimuli to the muscles, tissues, organs and nerve systems. The massage of the reflex zones of the palms stimulates energy points according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Effects on the entire body system can be varied from relaxation to performance limits with the strength of motion.
These attributes make Smovey so unique.

Smovey Vibroswing-System includes:
Set of 2 Rings, Training DVD and Product Booklet.
Handmade in Austria - Europe


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