Smovey Group Instructor Certification Course

Smovey Group Instructor Certification Course

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Who is this course for?

This Course is especially for Senior Homes, Schools, Yoga Studios, Community Centers, Fitness Centers, Personal Training Studios,...

How can I get this course for FREE?

We offer to come to your facility within the GTA, teach you the basics in 30 minutes, teach a group of 10 people or more with you for 1 hour and answer your questions after that.

Have your 10 or more participants pay you $20.00 each for the 1 hour Smovey training.

We will supply all the Smovey Sets for the training hour.

Topics Covered:

Content, Theory, History Health Benefits of Smovey Vibroswing-System Equipment Information Introduction, Basic Moves, Seated Positions Typical Mistakes and Considerations for Special Populations Instruction Techniques Advanced Balance, Coordination and Interval Training


66 Forest Manor Road, M2J 0B7, Toronto, ON or at your facility within the GTA


10 AM to 1 PM or individually arranged 


Sunday, March 10th, May 5th, July 7th, Sept. 8th, Nov. 10th 2019 or individually arranged 


Master Instructor:

GERNOT FADERBAUER Passionate in building a better future with health & fitness, Gernot became the Owner and MASTER-INSTRUCTOR/THERAPIST of Smovey CANADA. He is also a 3 time World Champion and an Olympian Rower with over 20 years of experience in Coaching and 35 years in Athletics.